I will always be grateful to Johnathan because, due to his teachings, he accurately laid the foundation for the discovering of my true Self, the infinite consciousness that I am, which is the only thing that can really give you the happiness that you're searching for.




In my mid 20’s, I was stressed, depressed, emotionally and mentally unbalanced, and felt stuck in a ‘dead end’ in my life. This led me to study ancient energy cultivation practices such as yoga, meditation, breathwork, Qigong, Tai chi, and much more.

After studying with various teachers and going deeply into many different training systems, I learned the true power of these ancient arts - my health, energy levels, focus, and clarity in life dramatically improved.

I became passionate about sharing these arts with others, as I believe these practices can help every single person in the world overcome negative thought patterns, limitations, addictions, and unhealthy lifestyle; and become a master of their own mind, body, and reality.


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Many people struggle with learning the ancient energetic arts because they don’t understand them and can’t relate.

It doesn’t help that a lot of modern teachers of these practices never learned the true mechanics of unlocking pure internal energy (it feels quite tangible when you get it).  

After spending a decade sorting through what works and doesn’t work, I condensed my own practice into what I now teach in IEA.

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